raw street + urban underground
street, line + free-wall graffiti in zurich/switzerland
harald nägeli old-skool graffiti in zürich.HARALD NÄGELI GRAFFITI. Der Sprayer von Zürich. Harald Nägelis Zürcher Graffiti von 1977 bis 2009, Harald Naegeli street art in Zurich Switzerland


No. 82/2 - NOV. 2016

20 nov 2016

20 nov 2016

limo freight graffiti red fox
death from the ghetto freight graffiti
nofx freight graffiti
olek xmpl freight graffiti
gesok freight graffiti
arky freight graffiti
cargo train graffiti
all our freight photos were taken in zurich (a few in the suburbs)

all our freight photos show swiss box cars. foreign freights are
shown only if they were painted by a swiss crew or writer

zukunft ist luxus skull worms
frbd freight graffiti
skel freight graffiti
smacks freight graffiti
all good things are wild + free
freight train graffiti


>No.84 - JAN 2017
>No.85 - FEB 2017
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