"Well a picture can
express a thousand
words to describe all
the beauty of life you

szu-bahnline tunnelstr. / sihlhölzli
sihlpromenade (bis giesshübel)

stadtkreis 2 / city district 2 / 2eme arrondissement


last update: 18.8.2009

s4, s10

BYS new summer 2009
TRASH und AKT graffiti tunnerlstrasse sihlhölzli zürich enge
und tschüsss...

"Where the colors
would swirl and the
boys and girls can
grow in peace and

"And if the world
was yours to do
over, I know you'd
paint a better place
to live"

"And where murals
stand on walls so
grand as far as the
eyes are able to see"

"I never knew art til I saw your face and
there'll never be one to take your place"

'Cause each and every time you touch the spray paint can,
Michelangelo's soul controls your hand."

"Then serenades of blue
and red and the beauty of
the rainbow fills your

die line wird wie folgt gezeigt: beginn bei der
tunnelausfahrt an der sihlhölzlistr./tunnelstr. dann
entlang der sihlpromenade bis zur bahnbrücke über
die sihl (kurz vor bahnhof giesshübel)

das reale tsüri...


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